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ICE Mini summer school

Last summer we arranged a summer school for children aged ten to twelve. Over the course of three days, the children learned about innovation, technology and sustainability through cool experiments.

Teacher Ane Mikkelsen says that they place great emphasis on innovation and new thinking, so that the children will have the opportunity to create something:

- This summer school has current topics, where children can acquire practical skills such as coding, sewing and cooking. It is set up so that the children will be part of the project development, so that they too must think innovatively.

Technology, redesign and sustainable food

The first day was the theme of technology. This was adapted to age group and interest. The second day was redesign on the agenda, where sustainable clothing production was an important theme. The children were given an introduction to the importance of sustainable clothing, in addition to being allowed to produce something themselves. On the third and final day, the theme was sustainable food:

- We throw away far too much food in Norway, this is something the children got to take a closer look at and make sustainable food, says Ane.

Free participation

The summer school is a free activity offer. Prior knowledge is required to participate, and the program will be adapted to each individual child's level.


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