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ICE Arctic Youth Community: Empowering the Next Generation of Arctic Entrepreneurs

Kirkenes 22.06.23

ICE Kirkenes is thrilled to announce its official launch, aiming to empower and support the next generation of Arctic entrepreneurs. This groundbreaking initiative, in partnership with the Nordic Atlantic Cooperation (NORA), will foster economic development, innovation, and sustainability in the Arctic region. This new project is called ICE Arctic Youth Community and has a 2,4 million Danish crown budget over 3 years - Sør-Varanger Development Company has received 400.000 Danish crowns per year for 3 years to fullfill the goals of the project.

The vision of the ICE Arctic Youth Community is to create a vibrant ecosystem that nurtures and empowers young entrepreneurs in the Arctic, harnessing their potential to drive positive change and contribute to the region's sustainable development. By providing a platform for collaboration, mentorship, and access to resources, the community aims to unleash the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of young individuals in the Arctic. Project manager Maja Kruuse, Sør-Varanger Development Company AS.

With a focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly Goals 8, 9, and 17, the ICE Arctic Youth Community seeks to promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization, foster innovation, and strengthen partnerships for sustainable development. By aligning our efforts with these global goals, we aim to create a lasting impact on the Arctic region and its communities.

Through a range of carefully designed programs and initiatives, the ICE Arctic Youth Community will address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by young entrepreneurs in the Arctic. Our activities will include mentorship programs, access to funding opportunities, capacity building workshops, and networking events. By connecting aspiring entrepreneurs with established business leaders, investors, and experts, we will facilitate knowledge transfer and create an environment conducive to growth and success.

Funding for the ICE Arctic Youth Community is made possible through a generous grant from NORA. This financial support will enable us to implement our programs, develop a robust infrastructure, and provide the necessary resources and support to our community members.

ICE Arctic Youth Community will be located at Nothing Hill and will serve as the framework for all project activities. As an integral part of the Triple-E campus, ICE Arctic Youth Community will offer dedicated spaces and tailored resources to support and empower the next generation of Arctic entrepreneurs.

One of the key success factors in building a vibrant entrepreneurial community at Nothing Hill is to establish strong networks with young entrepreneurs from other countries. We must embrace diversity and leverage the unique perspectives and experiences they bring. Through collaboration and knowledge exchange, we can create a dynamic and innovative atmosphere that will inspire and empower our Arctic entrepreneurs to develop sustainable solutions and drive positive change in the Arctic and the world. Project manager Ronny Eriksson, High North Development Group AS


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