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A hybrid innovation success in Kirkenes

Participants from all over the Barents region got together in Kirkenes for the Hybrid Release Party. An innovation festival held from Kirkenes in Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Rovaniemi and Luleå.

The participants worked in groups, among other things. Among the participants were Stine Mikkelborg from SM Training and Heidi Sesseng Amundsen from Ribago were on board with students Vegard Kongsbakk and Aleksander Løkken from the University of Tromsø and Marjo Anniina Ruokamo from Vancouver in Canada.

- We will Make the North Hot Again, says Kongsbakk, originally from Hammerfest when we ask what the group work is about.

Get to meet others in the same situation

Life as an entrepreneur can sometimes be a little lonely. Therefore, the five think that it is also nice to get out to meet others in the same situation.

- We primarily use this forum to get to know people, feel energized, exchange experience and help each other with good ideas. We come here with different experiences in running a business, we have different experiences and can benefit from each other, says Stine in SM Training, which helps people with a healthier, healthier and more active life.


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