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We are bringing 500 bright minds to Kirkenes who will shape an attractive future of working and living in the Arctic. The participants will be solving real-life societal challenges of local communities in the Arctic region. Using design thinking and business development. Thinking about solutions is the first step. Then implementing them becomes possible. We create a platform for both.


The Innovation Festival is a 2 day event, onsite in Kirkenes. Streamed all over the world. Participants will consist of startups, entrepreneurs, investors, speakers, digital nomads, and students. The participants will create connections, learn about the Arctic and new opportunities, experience the exotic north of Norway, and be part of the growth in the Arctic. The main goal is to mobilize the world to find solutions to the problems that the Arctic region is facing.


There will be a strong focus on inspiring, elevating and uniting the entrepreneurial changemakers to embrace the issues in last frontier - The Arctics.

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