This is ICE

ICE - stands for "Innovate Cool Experiences". The purpose of ICE is to enhance the Arctic innovation culture and contribute to economic development. Through ICE we connect creative minds across borders and backgrounds, enhance their innovation competence, nurture unorthodox thinking, and empower new entrepreneurs. We challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and create ideas and businesses that will help transform the Arctic region into the world's northernmost "Silicon Valley". The Arctic is unlike anything else in the world. Its extreme weather conditions and vast distances create a unique foundation for entrepreneurship. This in turn creates unique opportunities for business and innovation. Are you COOL ENOUGH to break the ICE?

Melted ICE aka. our history!

Let’s connect smart, diverse and creative people and give them onè major challenge with 24-hours to solve!

This is how ICE began, and how it looked like in 2019. The people behind ICE strongly believes in the power of taking action and solving challenges together, rather than just discussing them. Thus, the ICE events are all about doing, where we invite people to boost their innovation skills through practical learning. Further ICE provides its attendees tools enhancing competence and strengthen their businesses abilities to grow. By joining the ICE, you will be included in a passionate community of creative thinkers and make real impact for yourself, your business and local community. By developing, you strengthen not only yourself and your business, but you also help your local society grow!


ICE is run by Sør-Varanger Utvikling and the Barents Secretariat. Collaboration with others is important and absolutely essential for creating good projects, and we are therefore always interested in new collaborations. Do you want to be involved in developing ICE? Contact!