ICE er en plattform for NYSKAPNING, INNOVASJON og ENTREPRENØRSKAP i Kirkenes. Plattformen inneholder nyttig informasjon for og om gründere.


ICE started as an innovation festival where we gathered creative people in Kirkenes to solve societal challenges through the method design thinking. We were tired of typical conferences with long speeches, big words and little action: We wanted to get the participants to actually do something. In May 2019, we gathered around 60 creative people with different backgrounds and expertise for a 24-hour innovation festival.

The goal: To make Kirkenes smarter.

The conclusion afterwards was "This was cool - we have to do it again". When it was time for ICE 2020, something as unexpected as a pandemic came and took over the world… and WE had to think completely new. In 2020, we therefore arranged two digital innovation festivals «ICE - Hack the crisis» and «ICE Global». In the spring of 2021, we were still in the middle of the pandemic, but we had become accustomed to new ways of working. Digital meetings and webinars were suddenly words we used every day. At the same time, we saw that ICE was something more than just several individual events. ICE was a way of thinking; a way to create activity, build networks and learn from each other. ICE was about more than meeting once a year to attend an event - it was about building a culture of innovation, innovation and entrepreneurship in Kirkenes. Thus, ICE went from being several individual events, to becoming a platform for innovation, innovation and entrepreneurship in Kirkenes.

Kirkenes is traditionally an industrial city, where the mining company has been a cornerstone company. In 2015, the mining company went bankrupt, and the city's population had to start thinking differently. Since then, a lot has happened, and Kirkenes has become a great city to start a business in. The city has many good helpers who want entrepreneurs to succeed, and who have useful skills to contribute.


ICE is run by Sør-Varanger Utvikling and the Barents Secretariat. Collaboration with others is important and absolutely essential for creating good projects, and we are therefore always interested in new collaborations. Do you want to be involved in developing ICE? Contact!

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