About ICE

What is ICE?

ICE is normally a 24-hour innovation festival in Kirkenes for entrepreneurs and others with an interest in creativity, development, innovation and entrepreneurship. This year, due to the coronavirus, we have to make the festival into an 8-hour digital event lasting from 16:00 to 24:00 (Norwegian time).

During the 8 hours of ICE, we will be solving a local challenge by co-creating solutions to environmental challenges, not only for the community in Kirkenes, but also in a global perspective. Our partner Pracademy is responsible for taking our participants through the festival by using a method called Design Thinking. Design Thinking is practical, human-centered, and prototype-driven. It helps teams of diverse people tackle fuzzy, ill-defined challenges in creative ways. These challenges can come in many shapes and sizes, for example, the development of new products, services, and experiences; the design of business models; or the structuring of organizational systems. (Source: Pracademy)

The purpose of ICE is to gather great people to work together and create activity in the region to stimulate growth of new businesses, creativity and business development through cross-border cooperation.

We will be working in teams during the whole festival

Why should you join ICE?

You will expand your network with entrepreneurs from all around the world.
You will get new knowledge and inspiration to bring home.
You will get the opportunity to solve a challenge from the Arctic.
You will meet potential investors and business partners.
You will get the opportunity to develop new business ideas.
You will experience the taste of Arctic!

Do you have what it takes?

These are the requirements:

  • Are you over 18 years old?
  • Are you proficient in English?
  • Do you like new, exciting challenges?
  • If yes, do not hesitate – sign up today!


Participation is completely free of charge. If you are an entrepreneur, student, or simply have a passion for innovation, this is the event for you. All you got to do is register below!

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