26th of November 2020


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ICE Global – The Green Arctic Innovation Challenge?

And the winner is…

We, the ICE Team is so impressed with this year`s participants! Throughout 8 extreme hours of online innovation, inspiring lectures and soviet-russian rock. Despite the technical issues we were facing during the festival, the participants stood up and delivered several great ideas on this year`s Arctic Innovation Challenge: «How might we enable consumers to receive relevant information about, and access to, environmentally friendly products?»

Out of all the amazing team effort it was Team Snowflake who ran away with the winning prize, CONGRATULATIONS TEAM SNOWFLAKE!!

The Jury`s evaluation of the idea:

«The prototype of the idea is intuitive, easy to understand and it is built on good concepts like gamification/gamer psychology, where the consumer makes a profile and collect points for choosing environmentally friendly products. This is an idea which can be developed further, and besides it is possible to expand this service/app and include other relevant services connected to sustainability.»

Team Snowflake`s idea behind their app:

The “My Sustainable Living app” will make ecofriendly living easier to achieve. It will help you find ecofriendly products and recycling stations nearby using a geo map with markers. Also, you will get updated information about ecofriendly products. The app is built around your private profile, where you are given a daily goal to reach in order to help make the world greener. By choosing ecofriendly products and by recycling your garbage during the day, you will receive points. Ecofriendly products are marked with different points you will receive if you by them instead of a less ecofriendly products. This function with points and daily goals can for instance be compared to a FitBit, where a daily goal is to walk a certain number of steps during the day.

To make it even more motivating for people to join the app, we also discussed a social community where you have followers/friends that cheer for you and give you likes for your efforts. This community of My Sustainable Living-friends can also help each other by sharing info about ecofriendly products and living.


About ICE

1 challenge. A wide wasteland. Entrepreneurs from around the world.


8 Hours to solve the Arctic Challenge

North meets South, East meets West – ICE goes global in solving the environmental challenges related to this year`s topic: Circular Economy and Sustainable Waste Management. It will be a digital event, everything will be in English and we will be working from Thursday afternoon until the sun goes down. Oh wait… the sun is already down in the Arctic! Prepare for 8 extreme hours of thinking, working, laughing, networking, sweating and fun. Are you ready?

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The Arctic Xperience

ICE participants has this to say about the festival


Berit Jin He Nilsen

Insane and youthfull! 


Lena Warelius

A wonderfully challenging and educational experience that has changed the way I solve all my present and future problems. I recommend the ICE experience to everyone!


Alexa-Kristin Camire

Great to be at the festival as a participant, and otherwise cool concept. You’ll meet new exciting people and expand your network in Norway, Russia and Finland.

We have invited these cool people!


Federico Lozano

Design Thinking Guru

Founder. Asst Prof of Innovation at NTNU & NHH (visiting). Prof of the Year Prize at NTNU. Launched Norway’s first design thinking exec-ed program. Co-founded Puentes Global. Social Innovation Fellow & MBA at Stanford University. Raised-in-California. Father. Mindfulness freak.


Kristine Ullaland

CEO and founder of Zero Waste Norge

Kristine is a successful businessowner and speaker. She has been nominated for several awards for her engagment in environmetal issues, and Zero Waste Norge was nominated for the Nordic Startup Awards in 2017 and 2018 in the category Best Social Impact.


Svein-Erik Hjerpbakk

CEO  Nordic Comfort Products

CEO of Nordic Comfort Products, which is located on the coast of Helgeland in Northern Norway. They deliver sustainable furniture from waste material in new and sustainable ways. Through innovation and design they reuse plastic and steel from the local industry and manufacture products in the same exact area.

…and these are our amazing partners


Cancellation due to Corona Virus

We must, unfortunatly, cancel ICExMurmansk 2020 due to new regulations implemented to contain spreading of the Corona Virus.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

More information will be provided.