We congratulate the winner of the new founder award 2021

This year's winner was Barents Metall og Sveis AS.

The winner of the new founder award 2021

General manager Odd Markus Punsvik says that he first started the company as a sole proprietorship at the same time as he worked as a teacher, but in 2019 he fully invested in the welding company and the company was founded.

- There is a need for our services and we are constantly working to get more legs to stand on.

Were you surprised that you won the award?

- I got a feeling that it might be us, since we were nominated last year as well. We are grateful for all the votes we have received and we notice that the start-up award has helped to create more attention around the company. There are many acquaintances who have sent us congratulations and stopped us on the street, says Punsvik.

Prize of NOK 10 000, -

The prize of NOK 10,000 is earmarked for the development of one's own company. Punsvik says that they have not decided what to spend the money on. - We have to think carefully about this, he concludes.

Criteria for winning the start-up award:

  • The company must be registered in Sør-Varanger

  • The company must have at least one year of operation, and can not be older than 5 years as of August 2021

  • The company must be a private company, and must be able to refer to established turnover

  • The company must have the potential for increased value creation and more jobs

  • The entrepreneur (s) must appear as a positive role model who contributes to more people realizing their ideas

  • The entrepreneur (s) behind the company must help to promote Sør-Varanger as a great place to live, live, create and run your own business

The start-up award was presented by a jury consisting of:

  • Stig Ulvang, Sør-Varanger municipality
  • Jenny Mikkelsen Spring, Barents Secretariat
  • Hedda Larsen Salbu, LO Troms and Finnmark
  • Find Helge Lunde, Tivoli North
  • Therese Alexandersen, Sparebank1 Nord-Norge
  • Marie J. Sommernes, Sør-Varanger Utvikling

The jury says this about the winner:

The purpose of the start-up award is to cheer on our local entrepreneurs and those who dare to invest in their own ideas. The criteria for winning include the company's potential for increased value creation and more jobs, and how the entrepreneur behind the company appears as a positive role model that contributes to more people realizing their ideas.

This year's winner of the start-up award is a company that has excelled positively in the local community in recent years. The company has started small and developed step by step, but still has the potential for increased value creation and more jobs. The company works with both the private market and the corporate market, and constantly presents new creative products or projects that have been implemented on social media.

The company has been nominated by several, both this year and last year, and is described as a versatile company, with a general manager who is service-minded, solution-oriented, creative, quality-conscious and not least good at establishing collaboration with other players when needed. It is emphasized that the company is good at including multicultural employees, as well as young people and apprentices.

This year's winner is a candidate who makes visible the opportunity to realize your own business idea if you work hard and are passionate about your own subject. "

The other finalists of the new founder award 2021 were Hesseng Maskin and SV Råbygg.