Includes collaboration with Finnish entrepreneurial success

Today we have the honor of announcing the news that the Entrepreneurship Club has entered into a partnership with Crazy Town in Finland!

founding club

Crazy Town is an entrepreneurial community and innovation hub that helps talents, companies and regions to get in touch, collaborate and grow together. The community has more than 300 member companies across different hubs in Finland.

In February this year, Sør-Varanger Utvikling (SVU) started an entrepreneur club in Sør-Varanger. Gründerklubben was to be an informal meeting place for new founders in the municipality, to discuss ideas, learn from each other and develop collaborative projects. The club, which was first started as a test to check the interest, today has just under 20 members who meet on a regular basis, and it has been decided that the club must be continued.

A boost for the local entrepreneur club

Marie Sommernes, project manager at SVU, has been responsible for the entrepreneur club in Sør-Varanger, and now believes that the club has been taken to a new level:
- By collaborating with Crazy Town, which is such a large and recognized community for entrepreneurs, gives a big boost for our local entrepreneur club, both for the club as a whole and for each individual entrepreneur, says Sommernes.

The collaboration brings great opportunities for the members of the entrepreneur club:
- We will develop courses and programs together with the gang in Crazy Town, which will be relevant for both parties.

Exciting with Arctic nature

Crazy Town points out that they think the nature and landscape in the Arctic is beautiful and exciting, and sees this as a plus in the collaboration.

- This is a fantastic example of how Crazy Town can offer more opportunities for its members. Expand your business network and create new opportunities. Kirkenes is such a great place to work from, and we of course welcome the Norwegian companies to use our facilities around Finland, says Mikko Markkanen, CEO of Crazy Town.

Extended collaboration

Crazy Town is part of the company Finestbay Area Development, which SVU already has ongoing collaboration with regard to the Arctic railway from Rovaniemi to Kirkenes. Kenneth Stålsett, general manager of SVU, is brilliantly pleased to have expanded the collaboration with Peter Vesterbacka and his colleagues in Helsinki:

- It is fantastic for the entrepreneurs in our region who get the opportunity to expand their network and access to partners in Helsinki and the other places Crazy Town is located in Finland. This makes it more exciting to start a business in Sør-Varanger, says Stålsett.