ICE Innovation Festival

We love getting to know new people, working in teams, and learning from the experiences of others. We believe that the great innovations are created through collaboration with others.

ICE Innovation Festival is our tool for gathering people to solve societal challenges through the tool design thinking. Design thinking is a creative and people-centered method for problem solving with a focus on the user and needs.

At innovation festivals, it's about doing things, rather than talking about things. We take a deep dive into various societal challenges, and through interdisciplinary collaboration we develop innovative solutions.

ICE Innovation Festival is for everyone with an interest in innovation, innovation and entrepreneurship. You do not need any prior knowledge to participate, but you must like a challenge!

Read about previous innovation festivals here:

ICE - Innovate Cool Experience!

Theme: Arctic Smart City
Where: Kirkenes
When: 31 May - 1 June 2019

ICE 2019 was a 24 hour event in Kirkenes. Just under 60 entrepreneurs and others with an interest in innovation and entrepreneurship worked in an intensive day to solve a local problem through design thinking. The participants were put together in 10 interdisciplinary teams with good variation in age, gender, experience, competence and affiliation.

The theme was Arctic Smart City, and the issue revolved around developing Kirkenes to become the world's northernmost smart city. The issue was delivered by Varanger KraftEntreprenør AS (VKE) with Arnfinn Mentyjærvi at the helm. VKE planned to set up "Smart Poles" in Kirkenes. "Smart poles" are multifunctional poles that have the ability to incorporate sensors, software and other electronics that can receive and transmit data. The poles can be used for traffic lights, charging stations, advertising, tourist info, wifi and much more. VKE will have the poles delivered from China, and will be responsible for the infrastructure and maintenance, but the content was not decided. What the posts were to contain and how they were to be commercialized and operated was thus the case for ICE.

The event took place from kl. 14.00 Friday to 14.00 Saturday. The participants worked intensively with design thinking, occasionally interrupted by other activities such as snowball fights, yoga, lectures, company presentations, concerts and more. At 13.00, the final was open to the public, where the participants were to pitch their solutions to the problem. The teams had only 4 minutes to present the solution, as well as 4 minutes to answer questions from the jury. The winning team received a sponsored trip to Slush Helsinki as a prize.


Theme: Covid-19 and the challenges of business
Where: Digital platform
When: 28.-30. April 2020

#HackTheCrisisBarents was a 48 hour digital competition, also called a hackathon. The aim was to help both the local communities and the business community in the Barents region to find solutions that ensure activity and work in the future, at a time when the coronavirus creates uncertainty. Over 50 participants from the entire Barents region participated in the event.

ICE Global - The Green Arctic Innovation Challenge

Theme: Circular economy and sustainable waste management
Where: Digital platform
When: November 26, 2020

ICE Global was an intensive, digital innovation festival. The festival was organized from Kirkenes with over 100 participants from all over the world: Norway, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Germany, USA, China, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Rwanda and England. The participants were put together in 10 groups across competence, background, language and affiliation. For 8 hours, they worked together to design a solution to a problem given by the local waste management company ØFAS.

The theme was circular economy and sustainable waste management, and the problem was to develop a solution to make people aware of finding information about and gaining access to environmentally friendly products.

ICE Youth

Theme: Cooperation between young people and local businesses
Where: Kirkenes Videregående Skole / Norwegian-Russian School in Murmansk
When: April 28, 2021

Through a 4.5 hour workshop, the students worked together with representatives from the business community to develop ideas for how to connect students and the local business community more together, so that the students get to know what job opportunities there are here in the north and what skills the business community needs.