Here are all the finalists for the start-up award

Hesseng Maskin, Barents Metall og Sveis and SV Råbygg have recently been launched as the three finalists for the start-up award.

See all the presentation video on our Facebook page: ICE Kirkenes | Facebook

The prize is owned by Sør-Varanger Utvikling and Kirkenesdagene, and is awarded this year for the third year in a row. The purpose of the award is to cheer on entrepreneurs who dare to invest in their own ideas, and show the importance of new founders for business and society in general.

The prize is NOK 10,000 earmarked for the development of one's own company. The money can, for example, be used for courses and skills development, participation in a conference, business consulting or other measures the entrepreneur himself sees the need for.

The winner will be announced during the Kirkenes Days.