Things to see explore and experience in Sør-varanger

Go dog-sledding with our local guides. Bond with nature and experience the intensity and beauty of the arctic winter.

Northern lights. Book an adventure into the Pasvik valley where there is no light pollution and experience aurora borealis dancing in the sky. This is something that you will remember forever. It is also possible to go to different high points to get the best possible view of this extraordinary phenomenon by snowmobile, dog-sled or skis.

Fishing. In the summer Sør-Varanger has several hot-spots for fishing and in the winter ice fishing is very popular amongst the locals. Get in your warmest gear and join us on the frozen lakes while we celebrate our good fishing luck or grill sausages.

Ski and snowmobile. Sør-varanger has an extensive network of prepared trails with lighting. So if you are exploring nature either with the help of an engine or your own two feet it is possible to do so.

In Sør-Varanger we have our very own snowhotel where you can experience beautiful art carved in ice and snow. We have several local hotels and restaurants where you can try traditional dishes with moderns twists, made from ingredients in our immediate surroundings. It is the arctic nature on a plate.